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November 6, 2019

A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and growing your profits

To be successful with your media-spa, it's important to not only attract new clients through the front door of your business, it's equally important to move them forward to purchase treatments that will service their needs.

A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and the quality of your services will be judged by your prospective client during this stage - and if it performed poorly, your prospective client wo...

October 7, 2019

It’s only October, but you should be planning your holiday marketing now for your beauty business. According to The National Retail Federation, beauty and fashion products are among the most desired categories last holiday season and they predict an increase by 3.8 – 4.2% growth over 2018 (source: National Retail Federation ) .

People want to look their best with IPL laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments and want to treat friends and family to the same experience. To really capitalize on the holiday season, having a plan is your fir...

September 4, 2019

Whether you are thinking of starting your own beauty business, or have already been in business for years - often equipment purchases can help you build or expand your business. But, did you know that buying your equipment outright isn't your only option? Here are some key benefits behind choosing to lease your equipment for your medi-spa.

1. Keeping it in your pocket

Choosing to lease your new equipment saves your working capital for day-to-day expenses, expansions or unexpected costs. Along with saving your working monies, having a lease means...

August 8, 2019

Instagram is the hottest social media platform under the sun right now – and if you are in the beauty industry – this is the perfect platform for you.

Look like a Pro

Hey, if you want to be take seriously, your profile has to look gooooood! This means professional looking heads, logo and all your branding elements coordinated – color, design, content, etc. Sure, it’s easy to get started on social media, it has an extremely low bar to get started – but, skimping on this will make you look like an amateur. There are lots of free or low cost website...

July 19, 2019

Discounting and lower your prices, also lowers your brands value as well as effects your profitability - so, when you make a decision to cut a price, be sure you are doing it for a reason that makes sense for your business.

When you are first building your business, it is very common to offer deals, special rates and referral rewards on your hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments - because building a client base is the most important job you have when just starting out - but, all of these initiatives have a common goal of growing your cust...

June 20, 2019

We know that marketing can be costly, such as running ads in your local newspaper or printing and mailing a direct flyer, but there are much more powerful ways to gain customers.

Referrals are simply when one of your existing customers brings in a new customer to your business. Most Salon and Spa's get the bulk of their new business from referrals, so it's definitely worth your time to incorporate a referral offer to ensure your business will continue to prosper.

92% of customers trust referrals from people they know

First, it's important for us t...

May 29, 2019

Christine was previously a successful spa owner with more than 1700 sq. ft and a number of stylists. Over time, Christine decided that she wanted to downsize and make her life simpler with less responsibility, staff and the associated stresses associated with a large operation. She choose to return to a focused aesthetic business model as a room renter in another beauty establishment. Initially, Christine was performing a variety of skin related services, such as Hydro-microdermabrasion.

It was a fateful day that a Nubody sales representative sh...