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Tammy profoundly changed her life with the Dermalase IPL and is rewarded with $14,000 in earnings ju

In 2017, Tammy Stephens, a single mother, was working two jobs, taking care of her ill home-bound daughter, as well as suffering from her own medical condition - when she decided it was time to make some dramatic changes to both her professional and personal life.

With a passion for beauty and first hand experience with the challenges of health issues, Tammy began researching options that might appeal to her within the aesthetic service industry. She quickly discarded services like waxing as too physically demanding or eyelash / brow art as too precise - due to her own physical limitations - when it was during her own IPL hair removal treatments at her general practitioner’s office that Tammy had a eureka moment; why not offer IPL laser herself?

She found the treatments were effective, loved the results and believed in the service, so Tammy began researching the market to see if she could be successful with a home-based IPL business in Fort McMurray, Alberta. It was crucial to Tammy to base her business out of her home so she could be available to her daughter as well as manage her booking schedule to fit her families needs.

Tammy planned on a September, 2017 opening and was still in the process of getting her business license, when she took possession of the Dermalase IPl to began her free training with Nubody.

After finishing setting up her treatment room and receiving her Health License, Tammy was ready to begin. The first thing she did was post her first advertisement on the local Facebook group ‘Anything goes Fort McMurray’ and it simply read; $200 Brazilian & Underarm Special.

From that single outreach, her phone was ringing off the hook until her battery ran out at 3am the same day - and she booked 75 appointments. Just seven months later, Tammy now has more than 200 clients and last month alone earned $14,000.

Tammy believes a large part of why her business remains so successful and continues to grow is because of her personalized service and her comfortable environment. “I keep my home spotless and as well have scented candles and often cookies baking in the oven, It may seem cliched, but customers really respond to the environment”.

Initially Tammy spent approximately $2000 on Facebook paid advertising, but the last few months her new customers have found her strictly through glowing word-of-mouth recommendations from previous satisfied customers.

“I really love my career and this was the best thing I could have ever done”, enthuses Tammy, “from home I can meet my daughters needs and I swear the best people come to home-based businesses, they support single moms, their local community and small business like myself”.

After last months high mark, Tammy took a vacation and since returning, has earned over $4000 in the past week. With bookings 3 months in advance and a very loyal clientèle, we’re positive Tammy will continue to be very successful!

UPDATE: We caught up with Tammy in 2019 after she bought her third Hair Removal handle in little over a year - Read the story here: 1 year later and Tammy's business is flourishing more than ever!


If you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved IPL Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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