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7 ways Instagram can make your beauty business thrive!

Instagram is the hottest social media platform under the sun right now – and if you are in the beauty industry – this is the perfect platform for you.

Look like a Pro

Hey, if you want to be take seriously, your profile has to look gooooood! This means professional looking heads, logo and all your branding elements coordinated – color, design, content, etc. Sure, it’s easy to get started on social media, it has an extremely low bar to get started – but, skimping on this will make you look like an amateur. There are lots of free or low cost website that you can use to build all of the above.

Hey, it’s social

The most import and work in social media is; social. You just have to be engaged for it to work for you. This means posting regularly, replying to comments and cross-sharing content from your followers. Remember, this shouldn’t be a full time job, but you should schedule 10-3- minute every day to post something and perhaps a follow up look to see if any comments need to be addressed later in the day.



It’s not you, it’s me

Don’t make this mistake. Don’t be a braggart that talks constantly about yourself ad it’s easy to make this mistake - rather you should share your accomplishments and what is going on in your professional life – but, do it in a way that benefits others. For example, when you become a Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation technician, promote your services by describing how they are beneficial to your clients. Show how excited you are about the result you achieve for you client when posting before/after photos of your treatments. Oh, and be sure to name and tag your clients in your posts.

Make it personal

People trust people, not brands. To make this happen your audience need to learn more about you. Sure, I said don’t become a braggart, and that’s not what I am trying to convey. Your followers, need to hear your voice when you passionately speak about your customers outcomes. When you share details about the treatments you provide, add your personality to your posts.

We all love stories

Your Instagram feed where you normally post your content is great for longer text to be included with your pics/video/gifs – text, summarizing or adding more information about the image you shared. But, stories are a fantastic way to provide ‘behind-the-scenes’ images of on-going hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments.

Think of it like this; At a world movie premiere the stars gather at the entrance on the red carpet ready for photos for popular magazines – these are your regular posts. But, to get ready for the gala event, the star has to have a professional choose a wardrobe, another professional create their makeup and another for their hair, etc…

…you are the behind the scenes professional that is providing the star – your client – that service and a great way to share that is with images taken during that process and shared to Instagram Stories.

What’s trending?

Be sure to follow back as well as discover other related Instagram beauty influencers. Check them out daily to see what is new and hot. Usually something begins trending because it resonates emotionally with audiences that share the same interests. This time of message is powerful and can help lift your own presence online.



Plan, plan plan

You don’t have to plan an entire year in advance, but you should have an outcome in mind when thinking about your next series of posts or stories to share on Instagram.

Focus on a specific goal. For example, you might assign one month with the goal of increasing inbound calls and consultations. Write a bullet point list of all the treatments and services you offer and then flesh them out with some personalized copy and images to share.

This is still flexible, as you discover trending topics or if something new comes up, you can still add it to you plan.

Another idea, is to focus on specific special occasions or seasons, and brainstorm a number of ideas that you can post running up to that holiday. For example, during summer both underarms and legs are the most popular hair removal services requested. Remember to imagine yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and create accordingly.


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