Our Client's Success Stories

“My name is Brandy Bordula and I am the current owner of Eclipse Body and Skin Rejuvenation Centre. I've been in the industry for about seven years now and I've owned this salon about 3 years now, when I purchased the DermaLase IPL system which I find one of the best systems on the market. It's a great introductory laser into the cosmetic industry and it targets skin rejuvenation, hair removal and I'm really, really happy with it thus far.”

“The DermaLase is a great introductory laser into the cosmetic industry because it offers a variety of services. It's not just hair removal, it's also skin rejuvenation, it targets vessels, it targets pigmentation and a full body hair removal as well for all different skin types. So, you can do an african american to a caucasian and vice versa. It's a really easy system to use and it's a very safe system to use that is why I'm very comfortable training on this system and it's one of the best IPL's on the market today.”

“So, they can't believe it, I mean it's painless, it's quick and they get the results very fast, so it's incredible. For skin tightening, I've gotten very good results for acne treatment in teenagers. Even after one session it's all gone. And also treatment for skin pigmentation, skin tightening, everything, it works fantastic for me.”

“It's really efficient, it's painless and they are all surprised because they have memories of laser work they have done in the past and now they are comparing the result with this machine and they can't believe it!”

“I like using the DermaLase because of the larger spot size - treatments that would take longer, now can be done in a few minutes. And it's great for my clients, everyone's busy, some of them are coming in from work, picking up their kids after school and it's just great that they can be in and out really fast

“Some of the features of the DermaLase includes hair removal, however a lot of people don't know that it is great for skin rejuvenation such as; fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, melasma, so it's really like a 10-in-1 machine!


“Would you recommend laser treatment to your friends and family? Yes, without a doubt of course I would. It's pain free, cost effective and the results are amazing. It's a no brainer.

“Dealing with unwanted hair has been an issue of mine since being a teenager. Laser hair removal has been the most cost effective way for me to deal with this problem and I've been so satisfied with my results!