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Book your local beauty medi-spa for your

Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation treatment




IPL Photo Rejuvenation or Hair Removal

Find a highly trained beauty miracle worker near you to provide medical aesthetic treatments for all skin types, at affordable prices.


Our clients use advanced medical IPL laser technology which is non-surgical and non-invasive treatments - to correct and enhance your beauty and wellness.


Choose from a variety of treatments such as; Laser Hair Removal, Collagen Remodelling, Fine Line Reduction, Dull Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation Correction, Freckle Reduction, Age Spot Reduction, Epidermal Melasma Correction, Rosacea Reduction, Broken Capillary Reduction and Scar Reduction. 

Gradient Ocean

Sharon, customer

“Would you recommend laser treatment to your friends and family? Yes, without a doubt of course I would. It's pain free, cost effective and the results are amazing. It's a no brainer.”

Manee, Spa Owner

“Some of the features of the DermaLase includes hair removal, however a lot of people don't know that it is great for skin rejuvenation such as; fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, melasma, so it's really like a 10-in-1 machine!

Mozghan, Spa owner

“So, they can't believe it, I mean it's painless, it's quick and they get the results very fast, so it's incredible. For skin tightening, I've gotten very good results for acne treatment in teenagers. Even after one session it's all gone. And also treatment for skin pigmentation, skin tightening, everything, it works fantastic for me.”

Our Client's Success Stories


Book your local beauty medi-spa for your

Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation treatment

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