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10 proven ways to spend less on your beauty business marketing!

Cutting your beauty business marketing is never a good option. Without advertising and marketing your medi-spa or beauty business is more likely to do poorly - and it certainly won’t grow - but, your competitors will grow as long as they are promoting their beauty businesses.

So, let me share some ideas to stretch your marketing budget further 😃

1. Promote on your business voicemail (for free)

I’m sure you already have a great voice mail letting potential clients know your hours of operation, location and what services you offer - but, have you considered adding an special offer on your voice mail? Take the time to write a very short punchy message offering a specific hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatment for a reduced price - and make sure you have a expiry date included in your message.

2. Start your own beauty blog

If you have a website or even just a Facebook business page, your followers and the readers of your website can benefit from beauty tips that are relevant to them. It keeps them engaged, offers them value and will keep them coming back to your business

3. Ask for free online reviews

Be sure to regularly ask clients to post online reviews of your beauty business, as well as the hair removal or skin rejuvenation services you offer on Google and Facebook. This promotion doesn’t cost you anything and is an amazing marketing tool.

- Did you know that 60% of potential clients looking for a local beauty business check Google reviews?

- Did you know that 78% of people trust an online review as much as a family or friend recommendation?

- 85% of consumers believe online reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant - so, keep reminding your clients and new customers to share their experience online.

4. Rank higher on Google

If you want to appear on the first page when a potential customer searches for a local beauty business - then get more positive reviews. Google reviews and positive rating improve your local ranking.

5. Research your competitors

It’s easy to forget your competitors while working hard performing skin rejuvenation treatments, running your day-to-day operations or training a new employee how to perform hair removal treatments with your Dermalase IPL. However, in a highly competitive market, you should be aware of which services, prices, and client care is offered by your competitors so you can ensure what you offer is more attractive to new potential customers.

6. Post regularly on your Facebook/Instagram business pages

It is important to have a consistent presence on social media and doing so allows you to share special offers, promotions, etc at no cost. Be sure to add relevant hashtags.

7. Partner with a local influencer online

You might consider offering some free skin rejuvenation, hair removal services or facials to an online influencer that has a following local to your area. Be sure to have a clear expectation in return for giving them free services.

8. Share advertising costs with a local business partner

If you partner with a local like-minded business, it’s a great way to piggyback on each others online presence. If you and your business partner have a client list - be sure to promote your services directly to their clients via email and in their location - and offer to do the same for them.

9 Ask your suppliers for freebies for promotion

Your suppliers are you partners as well and be sure to ask for freebies from them. You can then hold raffles or offer goodie bags to your clients and ask for referrals.

10. Do you have a Google Business Profile?

Google is the top of online search engines and if someone is looking for a local beauty business, this is likely one of the ways they will find you. Be sure you have set up your free Google Business Profile so potential customers can find you.

I love helping my clients grow their business, but it takes effort, so I hope you will implement these marketing ideas to help you grow your medi-spa or beauty business. What are you waiting for?

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