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Nicole takes control of her financial destiny with her 'little Dermalase IPL robot'

Nicole is a soft-spoken, electrolysis and IPL laser technician running her home-based business, Nicole’s Laser and Hair Removal Studio, in the beautiful city of Kelowna, B.C.

She began her business in 2001 focusing on electrolysis hair removal and in 2013 expanded to include a Dermalase IPL laser. “More and more of my clients asked about laser hair removal and it was becoming very popular, so I added the Dermalase because I wanted to increase my revenue as well as not lose my existing clients to other businesses offering laser hair removal treatments”, says Nicole.

Having successfully operated out of her home and increased her income year-over-year for more than 15 years - Nicole is now set to grow her business by opening a store-front.

“I’ve been doing hair removal in one form or another since 2001 and I’m totally convinced the Dermalase IPL works - and both my customers and I absolutely love it” Nicole reports, “Even after just the first treatment, my customers come back exclaiming they have seen such great results already – it’s just a fantastic machine!”

With this level of support, Nicole feels confident in the next stage of her businesses growth. She has been busy renovating a leased space in downtown Kelowna and opened her doors this May of 2017.

“I’ve converted so many clients with my ‘little Dermalase robot”, as she refers to her Dermalase device, “For example, with a Brazillian treatment, it costs around $50 each time for a single wax and that has to be done for the entire lifetime of a client, but with the Dermalase laser - there’s no in-grown hair or irritating stubble - and within less than 2 years my customers will have soft, hair free skin!”

Now with the addition of the Dermalase IPL, Nicole is able to not only offer combined hair removal services, but also skin rejuvenation treatments for her customers, thereby increasing both the variety of services she offers and her revenue.

This is just another example of entrepreneurial minded individuals taking control of their own financial destiny, while working in an industry they and their clients both love.


If you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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