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Whiplash Aesthetics' new Dermalase IPL adds $8000 dollars in revenue in the first 30 days

Previously a book keeper by profession, Amanda serendipitously fell into the beauty industry when she promised to help her daughter's competitive dance team with their make up and lashes. Competitive dance is exactly as it sounds; competitive. As such, the girls take their sport seriously and Amanda took her role as their make up artist equally seriously by enrolling in a local professional beauty school for lash extensions and makeup training.

Business is about finding the opportunity in any given market, and Amanda clearly identified a need for her services in her small town. She began her business, Whiplash Aesthetics, by renting a space in an existing spa back in February of 2016. Over the course of time she both continued her beauty education while adding new aesthetic services such as; Hydrabrasion treatments and chemical peels.

During that time, Amanda was travelling to a neighbouring, larger city to have laser hair removal treatments done for herself. “I didn’t like travelling long distances and paying high prices for my hair removal treatments.” Amanda recalls “So, I guessed that others in my town probably felt the same and I decided to offer hair removal treatments to local ladies at a more affordable price so they wouldn’t break the bank getting them.”

As a savvy business owner, Amanda did her due diligence searching out the device types that would allow her to offer services at a reasonable price point, while allowing her to recoup her investment quickly.

“I spoke to a number of manufacturers, but I was disappointed in their sales representatives and the high cost of investing in their lasers,” Amanda said, “and I really didn’t like their service support fees – they wanted to charge me $2500 just to come look at my machine if there were any problems.”

“When I contacted Sandy at Nubody Equipment, she was very professional. With her long background in the beauty industry she was able to answer all my questions in-depth and honestly and it really inspired confidence in her ability to help me achieve my goals.”

Amanda bought the Dermalase IPL in October and it was delivered by the 22nd of the same month. Her training and certification were scheduled to begin on October 24th and she needed models so she could complete her hands-on training for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Amanda made the most of her business Facebook page, by promoted free treatments for anyone that could make themselves available that day as a practical model.

The response was over whelming. Not only did Amanda fill her 8-hour-practical training session, she had numerous additional new potential customers that were interested in her new services.

After her very first month of business, Amanda estimates that she has increased her earnings by $8000 through the new hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. “It’s just been incredible.” enthuses Amanda, “I’ve had so much community support, so quickly, that now half of my client base is taking advantage of hair removal and skin rejuvenation services and I’m probably already treating up to 3 people daily.”

To reach these impressive numbers so quickly, Amanda rather cleverly, began hosting ‘launch parties’ in which she opened her space after hours to anyone interested in hosting a gathering of ladies that wanted treatments done. Amanda’s formula is simple; she offers the host 50% off their treatment that evening and 25% off the services of the host’s guests. Amanda supplies beverages and food and the evening is spent by everyone chatting and laughing while Amanda provides their treatments. At the same time, Amanda pre-books the follow up treatments 4 and 8 weeks in advance which ensures she will remain busy in the months to come.

With so much support from her local community, Amanda is determined to give back to her town. With that in mind, this holiday season, she and other businesses in the area have joined together to develop a ‘ I matter’ campaign in which anyone is welcome to nominate another local resident to win a gift basket full of pampering treatments, products and services from the business community.

What does the future hold for Amanda and Whiplash Aesthetics? “My daughter’s in junior high right now, but in the long run, I want her to join me at my spa.” Amanda reveals, “I’d like my business to be able to financially support both myself as well as her own future academic goals.” With Amanda’s enthusiasm, business savvy and hard work, it certainly seems like her wishes will come true.


If you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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