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Your Customer Testimonials are both free and a powerful sales tool tool

One of the most powerful marketing tools available to you – that is also free – are your customer testimonials. Great testimonials tell people how fantastic both you and your business services are.

90% of people claim that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions!

One of the most successful ways to elicit a positive review is immediately after you've performed a treatment and your client is in a positive state-of-mind. You can simply ask them directly to write something short and sweet at that moment while they are thrilled by your treatment.

Aesthetic business customer testimonials

TIP: Print and keep a 'review' sheet handy with lots of lined space for customers to write a testimonial in their own words. Add some other clients reviews at the bottom to offer them inspiration – think of it like a wedding or hotel guest book.

Of course, if you or your client are too busy at that moment, you may have missed that opportunity. Don't worry, you should have your clients email contact information and when you send out a thank you email or their next appointment reminder, ask them to write short and positive testimonial about your business or services.

Encourage testimonials by having an in-store contest and have your customers fill out and enter a review on a sheet of paper with their name and phone number for a chance to win a discount or coupon - it's a great way to quickly build up your credibility with authentic reviews that you can show off.

Facebook Reviews

If you have your business on a Facebook page, did you know your page now has a reviews tab? Be sure to add this tab to your visible tabs and encourage your fans directly – by asking for them to go over to the tab and leave a review on your Facebook page.

Remember that contest I just spoke about above, you might also choose to run the same contest on your social media channels to quickly collect comments and Facebook will allow you to target just your fans directly.

YouTube Video Reviews

What is even better than a text based review on your website? How about one of your customers talking about your services on video? Seeing an honest video testimonial is much more emotionally powerful than reading about it. Always keep your mobile phone handy at your spa and be sure to film in horizontal orientation as this is the format YouTube displays videos.

TIP: Don't overlook Instagram as you can share your testimonial videos there as well to broaden your social media reach.

Now that you have collected all these great reviews, you should add them to your website and Facebook business page so that potential customers can see the great treatments you have done for your clients. Be sure to include the person's name who gave you the review to add credibility.

When you share your testimonials/reviews across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc you will be surprised at the number of unsolicited reviews you will also receive in the comments sections from your followers.


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