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7 out of 10 customers considering cosmetic procedures and, in Canada, hair removal & skin rejuve

It's no secret that the beauty industry in Canada is booming and Canada is a global leader with more than $1.4 Billion in sales in the beauty industry.

A recent survey released by the American Society of Dermatalogic Surgery (ASDA) suggests that seven out of ten customers are considering cosmetic procedures - which has doubled since 2013 (

A large reason for this dramatic growth has been the increased knowledge of the general population regarding these treatments as well as technological advancements.

"Cosmetic procedures continue to increase in popularity, much to the credit of technological advancements made in non-invasive techniques." says ASDA President Thomas E Rohrer, MD.

The survey revealed the reasons why more people are turning to cosmetic procedures. Wanting 'to feel more confident' and to 'look as young as I feel or better for my age', as well as 'feel more attractive'.

What were once Hollywood's best kept skin secrets just aren't that secret anymore as the general public is turning more often to non-invasive laser treatments to make themselves feel younger and more beautiful.

Jennifer Aniston was named 'the most beautiful woman alive" by People magazine in 2016 and at 43 years of age, how does she do it? Jennifer openly admits to using laser skin treatments to rejuvenate collegen, tighten skin and reduce small lines and imperfections in her skin. As well, she minimizes her exposure to the sun and always wears a very strong sun block.

IPL laser treatments, also known as photo rejuvenation or photo facials, can dramatically transform your skin with little discomfort and a short downtime. Now that both treatment times and costs have dramatically lessened, everyone can take advantage of the technology used by the stars. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE

In Canada, hair removal continues to be the #1 non-invasive treatment requested - behind botox - and skin rejuvenation treatments are also in very high demand.

Skin rejuvenation services can treat the following; Collagen remodelling, fine lines, dull skin, freckle reduction, age spots, epidermal melasma, rosacea, broken capillaries, scars, pigmentation and folliculitis - as well as hair removal.

Did you also know that you don't have to be an aesthetician to give safe, effective hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments? And with the professional training and certification provided by Nubody on the Dermalase IPL, you could be adding up to $100,000 per year to your revenue stream.

Through customer consultations and effective marketing strategies, even a home-based business can easily earn $300 per hour with hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments making this an extremely attractive revenue generator.

With the Dermalase IPL priced tens-of-thousands of dollars less than the nearest competitor - the initial investment can be quickly paid off in full - often in much less than a years time.

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