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Top 5 critical questions to ask before buying a beauty laser

When you make the decision to purchase your laser, you are also making a decision to begin a relationship with the laser manufacturer - and it's valuable to ensure that the company will take care of you after the sale.

Below is a suggested list of 5 tough questions you should consider asking to be certain you're making a sound decision for your business.

1. Will this laser suit my needs?

By defining what your true needs are, you will be able to choose both the right laser and technology behind the laser for you. Different business have different goals, clients and needs.

- If you will solely focus on Hair Removal, then IPL, Diode, Alexandrite and ND:Yag lasers all have proven to perform similarly in clinical studies (Clinical comparison of four hair removal lasers and light sources). Furthermore, hair removal treatments with an IPL device can cause clients less pain while resulting in similar efficacy.

- If performing skin rejuvenation treatments are your focus, then IPL has a number of advantages over other technologies because of the inherent broad wavelength of noncoherent light emission, usually within 500 to 1200 nm range. Apart from wavelength, a wide range of treatment parameters including pulse duration, pulse sequences and pulse delay time can be customized on most devices, allowing users greater versatility and precision - therefore making their ability to treat a wide variety of targets (Hair Removal, Folliculitis (Ingrown hairs), Collagen Remodelling, Fine Lines, Dull Skin, Pigmentation, Freckles, Age Spots, Epidermal Melasma, Rosacea, Broken Capillaries and Scars) with the same device (Current trends in Intense Pulsed Light by David J. Goldberg, MD).

Another well-recognized advantage of IPL devices are the relatively large spot sizes and their resulting treatment speed, allowing one to limit the total number of pulses per treatment to a minimum, allowing for fast treatments of large anatomical areas.

2. What are the ongoing operating costs of the laser?

Most lasers that have not been abused don’t require too much maintenance, however every laser must eventually replace the treatment handle and this cost of often overlooked.

Your treatment handle specifications will identify the number of ‘pulses’ or ‘flashes’ it is capable of performing, while remaining an effective treatment tool. When it has reached it lifetime limit it must be replaced.

Another very important consideration is the handle spot, or crystal size. A large spot size means that you can treat a larger area of your client’s skin with each pulse, which reduces the number of pulses per treatment. For example if you were to treat the underarms of a typical client, with the Dermalase IPL handle you could cover each underarm area with 10-12 pulses – however, with a competitors smaller spot size, you may have to pulse the clients arm 20-30 pulses.

3. What can I expect from service and support?

Extended down time due to service issues can be hugely damaging to both revenue and reputation and unlike a car - you can't simply take your laser to be serviced by a wide variety of mechanics - your laser can only be serviced by an experienced laser technician. Nubody is a Canadian manufacturer and as such, our service is national - meaning, there is no long wait for shipping to another country or returning border customs issues to deal with.

4. What training or certification do I require to operate the laser?

Even if you have experience performing laser treatments, adding a new device means understanding the specifics of that device, patient questions, protocols to learn and more.

Here are a few things to look for in training;

  • Will your trainer have in-depth knowledge of the industry and device?

  • What is the training curriculum?

  • Does the training include certification?

  • Will the company provide patient forms, medical waivers and other paperwork for you?

  • How many members of your team will receive training and at what additional cost?

  • What is the duration of the training?

  • Does the manufacturer have an established history with the technology they sell or is it relatively new to them?

  • Where will the training take place? At your location, or are you (and your staff) expected to travel to a central location incurring an addition cost?

5. Is there marketing support to help me succeed?

For laser services - just like any other aesthetic treatment - marketing is the key to profits. Effective marketing brings patients in the door and helps you achieve a return on your investment.

Nubody's marketing package includes;

  • Online portal to access all marketing materials

  • Professionally designed social media adverts, memes and videos

  • Looping IPL treatment client facing video

  • Before and After media memes

  • Beautiful display poster

  • IPL service and treatment flyer

  • Expert advice and tips for sales and marketing via our monthly client newsletter

Do I feel comfortable with the company I'm buying my laser from?

This is certainly more subjective - but, it's important to choose a manufacturer that that you want to continue a longer term relationship with and you feel will provide the best services and support for your business in the future. After all, their expertise and support can be extremely helpful in making your business a more successful one.


If you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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