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1 year later and Tammy's business is flourishing more than ever!

Little over a year later, Tammy Stephens home-based business, Aisling Laser & Skin Care, is going as strong as ever. In fact, in her 15th month of business she just ordered her 3rd Hair Removal handle – indicating she has given over 200,000 laser Hair Removal treatment pulses alone with her Dermalase IPL in that time.

You can read more about Tammy Stephens in her first customer story here: Tammy profoundly changed her life with the Dermalase IPL and is rewarded with $14,000 in earning last month

We caught up with Tammy recently to ask if she would share some of the secrets of her success. “I’ve been more-or less doing much of the same after I got serous about my marketing” said Tammy. “At first I didn’t advertise and just had a few clients from word of mouth” she recalls, “but, once I began advertising and marketing regularly, I saw a dramatic growth in my client base".

Tammy posts daily on her social media channels and has grown her Facebook business page to nearly 1500 followers at the time of this article. We wondered how she grew her following so large, so quickly.

“Growing my local followers really was key in growing my business”, Tammy opines, “I often run contests, such as my recent ‘6 treatment hair removal valued at $1200 Give-Away-Prize contest’. “Everyone loves to win something and when I offer a big prize like this, I get a lot of entries – but, I don’t do it without asking for something in return”, Tammy remarked, “To be eligible to enter the contest I ask that they like, share and comment on the contest post, as well as follow me if they haven’t already”.

(Facebook image from Aisling Laser & Skin Care - note the number of comments and shares)

This ensures that Tammy continues to both grow her audience as well as grow her reach among her followers own networks.

Business owners should keep in mind that a happy client is more valuable than just a series of treatments. The life-time value of that client is greater than the initial treatment alone, as they often invest in complimentary services and are should be great referrals for new potential clients. Offering existing clients referral rewards is another aspect of how Tammy continues to grow and do so well.

Now that Tammy has built up he Facebook audience through he give-away-sizes, when she occasionally runs advertising, she chooses the demographic of those people that are following her as well as their friends.


Read Tammy's first customer story here:


But, Tammy posts much more than just contests, daily she finds time to upload a humourful, relevant post around hair removal or social commentary that may be of interest to her community.

“My style is to share humours posts that allow my first time clients to feel more comfortable” Tammy chuckles, “Some clients can be nervous about having a treatment in an exposed, private part on their bodies and by letting them know in advance – via my social media posts – that I have an casual, funny and down-to-earth personality, I think it helps them feel more comfortable.”

Aside from working hard to find new customers, Tammy understand the importance of ensuring that her existing clientele are well served and truly enjoy their experience at her place of business. In Tammy’s words; “I know how to address my audience and if my customer is a bit shy, I make small talk – on the other hand, if my client is a high energy individual, I naturally reciprocate their exuberance though my own personality”

Tammy’s success and results speak for themselves.


IIf you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved IPL Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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