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Is your medi-spa or salon marketing plan ready for summer?

As summer is quickly approaching and the temperature rises, people become more interested in hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments – and now is the time to execute your summer marketing strategy.

Building awareness

For new clients and existing customers that have never had an IPL hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatment, you need to build both awareness and trust.

  • Website: Be sure to add your message to the home page of your website as well as your services/menu page.

  • Social Media: Don’t forget to regularly post your summer message on all your social channels.

  • Reception/Waiting room: Summer specific postcards or service menus should be display any place you have clients arriving or waiting for a treatment. If it is a service that they haven’t tried before, it may be the solution they are looking for so be sure to discuss it in your consultations.

  • Outside signage; If you have a front window, it’s a great place to display your summer messaging to attract the attention of potential customers walking by. Ensure your poster is big and brightly coloured.

  • Email: Monthly emails to your existing client base is one of the most effective ways to communicate your summer message. Be sure to also add value by sharing relevant summer tips or articles that your customers will appreciate. Did you know that over 60% of customers actually want to receive emails from businesses they love.

  • Engage in your community: Sure, these days everyone has been focusing on their digital presence, and it's important. However, engaging with your local community builds business brand awareness. The options are endless. Set a consultation boot at a bridal show, donate a treatment for charity, or even host your own event.

  • Partnerships: You can generate a lot of new clientelle by partner with companies that can refer your services. You could try partnering with make-up artists, wedding vendors, photographers, fitness centres or even bed-and-breakfasts or hotels. By mutually referring clients it's a great way to grow awareness and business.

Close the gap

Building awareness isn’t enough to make a sale or win new customers, you often also need to offer something of value to gain their initial trust and entice them to book a consultation or ask for more information.

Incentives, like discounts for new customers is a great way to attract new business. For existing clients, offering a discounted rate for new treatments is also enticing - but packages are perceived to be more valuable than single services. - and it is always easier to sell to your current customers than a new one.

It’s never too early

IPL hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments take weeks or months and it’s never too early to get your new or existing clients started – so they get the results they want in time for summer.


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If you want to learn more about the Dermalase IPL - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation device manufactured and serviced right here in Canada, including training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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