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Great consultations are integral to winning new business

A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and growing your profits

To be successful with your media-spa, it's important to not only attract new clients through the front door of your business, it's equally important to move them forward to purchase treatments that will service their needs.

A thorough, quality consultation is an integral part of winning new business and the quality of your services will be judged by your prospective client during this stage - and if it performed poorly, your prospective client won't expect great service or results and likely won't become a customer.

By viewing the consultation as your opportunity to educate and inform, you separate yourself from competitors in terms of credibility, quality and expertise - which can be the difference between profit and failure.

Using a medical questionnaire and waiver form makes it easy to ensure that you have all your clients previous and current medical history - and by having your client sign and initial all the specifics of the form confirms that they have read and understood the risks - you minimize your own liability.

Following Through

It's critical that your initial consultation is thorough, which goes a long way to developing your client's trust and your credibility as an aesthetic expert.

To really maximize your consultations success, you should be well-educated in basic aesthetic subjects. You should have a working knowledge of the anatomy of the skin and relevant cosmetic skin diseases. You should make it a point to be up-to-date on current aesthetic treatments and trends beyond IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

It's important to remember, that some prospective clients have done some research themselves about treatments - so, even if your media-spa doesn't perform all the treatments your client is asking about - you still need to show your client that you are knowledgable in the field. A lack of knowledge, will hurt the consultation.

Growing your business means maximizing each customers potential spend and the amount of time you take during the consolation will directly relate to the ability to sell additional treatments and/or service packages.

Quality skin analysis

A quality skin analysis is a great sales tool and effective way to get your client to discuss any skin issues and problems they may have. Be sure to have the right tools to assist you, such as lighted mirrors and magnifiers, etc.

Be sure to listen to your customers concerns and allow them to lead the consultation and focus on their expressed issues. This will help you prioritize what is most important to you customers.

During your consultation visual aids are powerful ways to share useful information, such as before and after photographs of similar issues you are discussing with your customer. Be sure to have literature available for your client to take home with them - and you will increase your sales by highlighting you and your businesses strengths and expertise.

If you have given a solid consultation then closing the sale should be easy and during the consolation is the time to do so. If you cannot, then having the prospective client commit at a later date is much slimmer.

Closing the sale

It may be appropriate to offer a free incentive to help close the sale. Another great approach is to give your prospective client a choice between commitments. For example, you can offer the client to pay for everything up front and gain a free bonus treatment if they do so - or offer to have them pay for the treatments in instalments (without the free bonus). Giving them a choice makes them feel more in control of the process.

In conclusion

Consultations work to increase new customer business. It minimizes your business exposure to risk by completing the medical waiver form. Finally, great customer service through consultations increase the value of each of your clients as they choose to spend more on additional treatments and services.


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