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6 Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for your medi-spa

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and love is in the air – but, life seems to be getting more hectic daily and people will be scrambling to come up with romantic gifts and experiences for their partner – so now is a great time to get creative with your beauty business promotion.

Seasonal marketing campaigns are an important part of your marketing cycle, but if you too are feeling the stress of a busy schedule, we’ve got some inspirational ideas for your Valentine’s Day marketing.

1. Partner with a Local Business

People love packages and if you partner with a local business you can put together an appealing deal that your clients and new customers will ove. Considering connecting with florists, restaurants, chocolates to create a package that will suit both your customers.

2. Ultimate Valentines Skin Pamper Session

Session packages make great gifts and you can go that extra mile by creating a special Valentines pamper package.

Combine your Dermalase IPL skin treatments with a Luminous Multi-Facial and add some little treats like a take home skin care basket

3. Medi-spa Gift Baskets

As well as selliing treatments for Valentines Day, you can also add some products to the mix to sell. Packages with lotions, scrubs and soaps will allow your clients to pamper themselves at home as well.

Combine your products into different price ranges and wrap them up in a beautiful gift basket.

4. Couple IPL Treatment Specials

Try something different and offer 2-for-1 couple treatments. Whether it’s for hair removal or skin rejuvenation, couples will love having them done together.

5. Point of Purchase Displays

Don’t forget your advertising and be sure to create attention grabbing displays, posters and flyers. When clients are in your medi-spa, their eyes will be drawn to them and you have an opportunity to up sell them. Place them outside as well to attract people pasisng by.

6. Social Media Campaigns

Set yourself apart from your competition by making your brand known on social media. Get your promotions out there by creating campaigns to get people involved. Encourage people to comment, like and share posts to win free treatments. Offer a gift voucher for comments with the most interesting beauty related stories.

6. Reward Points

If you already have a reward program in your beauty business, this is a great time to capitalize on it by offer double the points to clients who book during your Valentine promotional period.

Even small gestures make your clients feel valued, which in turn encourages them to come back again and recommend you to their friends. Remember to make them feel special when you are giving that hair removal treatment or skin rejuvenation service 😃


If you want to learn more about our flagship Dermalase IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation laser, the Painless Rapid-Pulse IPL or the Luminous 7-in-1 Multi Facial Skin System - the lowest priced, Health Canada approved devices manufactured and serviced in Canada and includes free training and certification - just give us a call at 604-788-3413 to book your FREE demonstration.

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