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Set Goals not Resolutions this New Year

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? How many of them do you have?

If you’re like me, It’s that time of year when we set our New Year’s Resolutions with the best of intentions of fulfilling them, well at least most of us do. Often we come into a new year all gung ho about what we are going to do differently - this time - and how we are going to make our lives better. Too often, however, by the end of January, we’ve already failed our resolutions and we’re back to where we started. So, how can you successfully realize your resolutions this year?

Maybe we should stop thinking of making resolutions, and plan to make goals. And by creating multiple smaller milestones within each goal with deadlines, you can set yourself up for a year of success with multiple wins keeping you motivated throughout the year. So what’s the difference between a Resolution and a Goal you ask?

Difference between Goals and Resolutions

Resolution - This is a somewhat vague statement of what you would like to change for the New Year. It is the “ I want to lose weight”, “I want to run my first 5K”, “ I want to start a business”... etc.

Goal - This is a specific statement of what you want to accomplish for the New Year. It is the “I want to lose 2lbs by January 31st.”, “I want to run my first 5K by September / I want to run the “insert name of race here”, “I want to start my ‘Beauty home spa by April of this year and my first milestone will be to register my business by February 1st.”

You can make a goal even stronger by stating why you need to achieve it and why it must be achieved at that time. So why do you need to register your Spa business by February 1st? So you can start providing IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation services to clients who are getting ready for the summer bikini season. You want to start your own business because people always want to feel better and look better and you love to help others. And since feeling and looking better are the main forces behind the two most common New Year’s Resolutions, why not focus your business on that!?

So your goal speaks to the aim or destination of your journey, while a resolution just describes a general aspiration.

Why Resolutions Fail

Resolutions have a bad rap. One of the biggest reasons our resolutions always fail is because we are often not specific with or about them. As we mentioned above the broad statements of “I want to lose weight” and “I want to start a business” leave a lot up in the air. If you want to really fulfill your resolve this year, you have to get specific. Change your resolution to a goal and the more details your goal has, the less likely and the harder it will be for you to walk away from it. Tips for making your goals more specific include;

* Include a timeline

* Have multiple benchmarks along your timeline

Another main reason resolutions fail is because they are often negatively worded. So you now need to start framing your goals with positive wording. How we talk to ourselves impacts our behaviors and actions. Instead of saying to yourself “don’t eat junk food”, say “make healthier eating choices” or “eat fruits and vegetables”. Tell yourself what you are going to do instead of saying what you are “NOT” going to do. Speak about the behaviors you desire, speak about the successful IPL beauty business you are bringing into being and stop saying you don’t want to be broke all your life.

And sometimes our resolutions are not relevant to our lives, we just want them because that’s what we think family, friends or society wants from us. Your goals should be about you, not about the latest diet or exercise trend. Your business should be about helping people, satisfying a need that you know is important to them. Imagine how this will make you feel at the end of the day knowing you are making people happy with what you do. Yes, you want to start a business to make money and to be financially independent, we all want to do that. But you’re not going to do that any cost right? You want a Spa business that will make you feel good about what you are doing and what you are offering to your customers.

So align your resolution - your goals around your dreams, your aspirations, and your priorities.

Most Popular Resolutions

We’ve already touched on two of the most popular New Year's Resolutions; weight loss and financial independence. The most popular New Year's Resolutions are;

  • Exercise to Get In Shape

  • Diet to lose weight

  • Save Money

  • Get Financially Independent/Start a Business

  • Eat Healthier in General

  • Improve Self-Care

  • Get organized

  • Live Life to the Fullest

  • Quit Smoking

  • Spend more time with Friends and Family

  • Travel More

  • Read More

As we mentioned above these are all very general and nonspecific. Grab one of the above and make it more specific to you, to your life and to your needs. And align these with smaller goals that you work throughout the year. Each goal you reach will be a  win, a small win gives you the motivation you need to get to the next step of the journey in attaining your goals and dreams for the year 2020 and beyond.

Staying motivated past January and for the remainder of 2020

The best way to stay motivated past January is to find like-minded individuals who are working towards a similar goal who can support you with yours. Want to lose weight? Who else do you know that wants to lose weight? Take on the challenge together. The same can be said if you want to run a 5K or to eat healthier. Enlist a friend, coworker or family member who wants to do those things who can be your accountability partner.

When it comes to starting a business in the hair removal or skin care field, there can be a lot of obstacles along the way. Just know that those obstacles are not new and many others have jumped them before you. Keep a successful friend in your favorite contacts that are willing to support you. If you don’t have any of these there are a lot of success stories that can motivate you. Here is one from our founder.

"At 17 I was working at a weight loss center to pay for my Business and Marketing degree at University. A friend of mine who happened to be in the same industry was going through a personal crisis. She was getting divorced and wanted to sell her weight loss business and she was willing to sell it to me on a payment plan for $160,000. Yes, that's right, a 17-year-old with $160,000 debt!

But I was actually very lucky. My friend mentored me in how to run my first business and I was able to pay off that loan within 3 months. And I did it using all the techniques I described above – starting with the existing 20 clients that came with the business and building it to more than 120 within that short period of time (That means on average my clients spent approximately $400/mth).

Then my clients began asking about laser treatments and I invested $200,000 in - what today is a competitor’s laser device for my business and as they say…

…the rest is history "

~ Amanda Hall, Nubody Equipment Sales Ltd.

We use the term resolution very loosely when it comes to the start of a New Year. In 2020, we not only start a New Year, but we also start a New Decade. What are you going to be doing differently this year? Will you be making your mark? You should! Resolve to be great, not just this year but for the entire decade and beyond. Start with a different approach, get specific, frame your goals positively and make sure that what you are aiming to achieve is something that aligns with your ambitions, your dreams, and your priorities. This is the only way to get it done. The year is already in full swing, but it’s never too late to start over, so reframe those resolutions into goal statements and let’s do this!


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