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Natalie pivots careers and rekindles her passion to help others in the beauty industry

Natalie’s career was on track managing a successful oral surgeons office, happily married, a mother of two children and everything was going well – but, something was nagging her - she no longer felt passionate about her career and wanted to build something for herself rather than for others and she wanted to help people directly.

“What am I interested in?” is a question that we all commonly ask ourselves and in Natalie’s case, she has always been passionate about beauty and skin care. She suffered from acne in the past and had laser treatments help to solve that issue.

Her search online led her to Nubody’s website and our B.C. sales representative and demonstrator, Kristy Heer. “I felt that when I was speaking to Kristy, there wasn’t any pressure and she was so knowledgeable about the industry overall,” enthused Natalie, “I really felt she was just presenting the facts – and I liked that”.

That was two and a half years ago and the first step in Natalie’s ongoing business story. She first opened a space within a newly built Aqua Club that housed a gym, sauna, steam room, pool and all the amenities anyone could ask for. The commercial rent was low and It was ideal at that time to get her business off the ground. However, there were a number of limitations and rules with this shared space.

Natalie’s growth was steady at the beginning, but when she committed to being more persistent in her advertising and marketing as well as starting referral programs, she was able to build her brand and business. Over time she began adding a number of other services such as Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Peels as well as medical skin care products.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made in-home care products more in demand than ever and Natalie’s product lines have grown substantially since.

“I’d say that one of the reasons I’m successful is because I’m genuinely interested in learning about skin care and the science behind it,” said Natalie, “I love educating clients on how to care for their skin and sharing their joy when they attain the results they’re looking for”.

When Natalie first started her business larger store front leases were too expensive, but in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic there presented an opportunity to find a great priced lease in a store front in the downtown Cloverdale area on the main strip. In addition, the Aqua Club location had numerous restrictions that limited her growth – so, she took the plunge to expand when others might have only thought of contracting.

Natalie is open for business while simultaneously renovating some of the space for additional staff and practitioners at her new location in the heart of Cloverdale. Her goal is to have the Number 1 Medi-Spa in her city where customers and friends will come to get the help and support they need for their own beauty goals - as well as to spend more time with her children, travel and enjoy the fruits of her efforts.

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