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Persistence is the key to achieving your beauty business goals

Many of us have heard the phrase; ‘Persistence is the key to achieving your goals’.

The difference between a successful beauty businesses an unsuccessful one, is action. Effective business owners know that if they keep taking actions and fine tuning their approach, they will achieve the results they want.

Unsuccessful business owners spend their time talking about what they want to do – but don’t take the necessary action to realize their goals and vision.

Persistence means taking action even when you’ve run into a setback, instead of simply dwelling on the problem.

One of the greatest challenges for beauty business is winning new clients to grow their business – and it should be understood that selling your businesses services and products is one of your most important tasks.

I’ve spoken often about increasing your clients by getting referrals from existing happy customers, but you should also be regularly marketing and advertising your skin rejuvenation and hair removal services to an ever widening audience of potential new clients.

There are numerous ways to do so, such as paid google or Facebook ads, posting on your own social media channels as well as posting to related Facebook groups online.

Persistence is key here as well. You should be regularly marketing and advertising, not just waiting for someone to discover you by accident.

With so many media channels and information across multiple platforms potential new clients can take a long journey before they ultimately make that choice. That is why it is so important that your brand is always on display across as many areas you can manage, so that new customers will potentially include you in their decision making process.

Below is a traditional customer decision making journey funnel.

During their initial consideration, customers are also now performing their own research into the product or service they are considering. They are looking closely at online reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, acquaintances or even trusted online sources as well as in-store interactions.

For example, Nubody Equipment offers all our customers free marketing and sales support tools, including social media memes, print and digital advertising materials as well as in-store customer videos and advertising videos – a wide variety of materials for both their Dermalase IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation promotions.

Although, these are professionally created materials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own if you choose not to hire someone to make them for you.

To create digital assets, there are a number of free or low cost online tools to help build your own marketing and advertising materials;


One of the largest, free meme maker online is

Here you can upload your own images or browse their free images using a keyword search.

The interface is straight forward, just add text in the already placed text boxes. Choose your font colour and style by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the text box.

To reposition the text, just move your mouse over the text boxes on the image, and drag them to where ever you would like.

Once you’ve played with all the options and are satisfied with the result, just hit ‘Generate Meme’. I recommend downloading it to save on your own computer so you can add it to your social media auto scheduler.

Remember, if you have your own images, photos, etc – you can choose to upload them to imgflip and take advantage of the super simple and quick interface to create any type of social media post you would like.

If you are a Dermalase IPL owner from Nubody Equipment, you can log into your marketing portal at Nubody’s website and choose numerous images to use and build your own campaigns.

PRO TIP: The fastest way to grab an image from the portal PDF files, is to simply open one and take a screen shot of the image you want to capture, then upload that to imgflip (more here for PC and here for MAC

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