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Raising beauty industry standards and the benefits of industry association membership

April 24th’s edition of the Vancouver Sun had the following story: 

B.C.’s hair and beauty sector must dramatically improve to reopen: minister

Although it is unclear which standards will be required, Minister Adrian Dix said that at a minimum, beauty businesses will be required to meet the standards put in place by the provincial health officer.

B.C.’s public health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, along with the Cosmetology Association of Western Canada helped to create the online Beauty Safe course that educates businesses on hygiene and safety – however, at this time it is not a mandatory course for all operators in the health sector and it remains to be seen if it will become so.

The BeautySafe online course can be found here:

As a beauty professional performing non-invasive laser treatments such as Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation, it is our duty to provide a safe and sanitized environment for our clients at all times. 

Nubody Equipment provides an entire chapter regarding Safety and Sanitization in our Dermalase IPL training manual to ensure that our customers are providing the highest level of safety for the public - and our manufacturer training and certification is Health Canada approved.

For many beauty professionals belonging to an industry related association such as the Western Canada Beauty Council ( ) can offer additional benefits to their business. An active Beauty Council means higher standards across the industry, which translates in higher valued services for business owners and consumers alike. As well, the Beauty Council offers continued education, skills training and certification all leading to greater customer satisfaction and confidence in your services.

Be safe and prepared for when your beauty business opens again. 

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