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The story behind NuBody Equipment and the revolutionary new DermaLase IPL machine 


NuBody Equipment Sales Ltd. is a Canadian IPL beauty laser manufacturing company, with Health Canada approval. The DermaLase IPL offers the latest in laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation technology together in one machine.


Our main focus is educating our clients and providing great customer service. We love helping new business owners succeed in the growing laser beauty industry by offering one-on-one training and providing experienced business advice.


Hair removal is the industry’s #1 requested aesthetic service, and your DermaLase IPL system can help you support the growing demand. The DermaLase IPL is clinically proven to be safe and effective. NuBody Equipment provides service departments in British Columbia and Ontario and all DermaLase IPL laser machines have a one year warranty.

The science behind how the DermaLase IPL makes treatments safe and comfortable

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a technology that combines a power source with a contact cooling system for comfort.


The hand piece contains a xenon lamp and an optical guide with a filter which projects intense light. This technology is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The radiating energy that results is a high intensity flash of light that covers a spectrum of wavelengths from visible light to near infrared. Polychromatic light is absorbed by the chromophores, resulting in a photothermal effect which causes either cell destruction or changes to the cell. 


Our blog answers many frequently asked questions about our Dermalase IPL laser Hair Removal Machine (FAQs)


The DermaLase IPL 

Hair removal

We will teach you how to safely and effectively remove hair from your clients, leaving you confident in how to proceed on every skin type.

Skin Rejuvenation

Sun spots? Uneven skin tone? You can help your client look and feel younger with these procedures. Reduce the effects of sun damage.

Expert Marketing Support

Let us help show you how to market and sell your DermaLase IPL beauty treatments to maximize your success.

Nu Body Professional Training

We will train you for free everything you need to know about operating the DermaLase IPL like a professional for optimal results.


We Are Health Canada Approved!

NuBody Equipment Sales Ltd. is a Health Canada approved company that manufacturers and sells the DermaLase IPL laser machine, the most affordable IPL laser on the Canadian market. Contact us today to see how you can take advantage of all the benefits our machine has to offer.

The DermaLase IPL Advantage

With 2 hand piece ports, one for Hair Removal and one for Skin Rejuvenation, you can easily switch from one treatment to the other without removing either hand piece.


The spot size of the DermaLase IPL Hair Removal hand piece is 16mm x 57mm making it one of the largest in the market. The spot size of the Skin Rejuvenation IPL hand piece is 8mm x 40mm, a perfect size to treat all of the intricacies on the face. At just $2,500 per handle and with up to a 100,000 pulse life, it has the lowest consumable cost compared to competitors.


The DermaLase IPL laser is the most affordable machine in the Canadian market starting at just $44,900 CDN + tax and we have easy lease options as well. With such a low cost for the DermaLase IPL laser, there’s nothing stopping you from entering the exciting field of beauty laser treatments today.

Learn more about the advantages of the DermaLase IPL

The DermaLase IPL large sapphire crystal head allows you to treat your clients quickly and the built in cooling system keeps them comfortable so you can offer longer treatments. 


Using superior components and quality German made bulbs, the DermaLase IPL is effective at treating all skin tones for both Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.


Whether you are a new spa or salon owner, or have years of experience, NuBody offers the best industry education, planning and support.


You don't need to be a medical aesthetician to safely and effectively use the DermaLase IPL laser machine. The touchscreen interface is pre-programmed for ease of use for the new user but can also be manually programmed for the seasoned technician. It is as easy as 1-2-3! 



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Our Client's Success Stories

“The DermaLase is a great introductory laser into the cosmetic industry because it offers a variety of services. It's not just hair removal, it's also skin rejuvenation, it targets vessels, it targets pigmentation and a full body hair removal as well for all different skin types. So, you can do an african american to a caucasian and vice versa. It's a really easy system to use and it's a very safe system to use that is why I'm very comfortable training on this system and it's one of the best IPL's on the market today.”

“So, they can't believe it, I mean it's painless, it's quick and they get the results very fast, so it's incredible. For skin tightening, I've gotten very good results from the Dermalase IPL laser for acne treatment in teenagers. Even after one session it's all gone. And also treatment for skin pigmentation, skin tightening, everything, the Dermalase IPL laser machine works fantastic for me.”

“I like using the DermaLase IPL laser because of the larger spot size - treatments that would take longer, now can be done in a few minutes. And it's great for my clients, everyone's busy, some of them are coming in from work, picking up their kids after school and it's just great that they can be in and out really fast

“Dealing with unwanted hair has been an issue of mine since being a teenager. IPL laser hair removal has been the most cost effective way for me to deal with this problem and I've been so satisfied with my results!

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